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What is AR you speak of?

AR stands for Augmented Reality and uses a mobile device camera to show 3D interactive and animated models in the real world.
Like a hologram from the movies except you see it on your phone screen.

How can Businesses Use AR?

Marketing is all about getting and keeping the attention of perspective buyers and theres no better way than having the opportunity to interact with your products or services as soon as possible.

Using AR on a business card or virtually any printed media such as a newspaper ad or even a bus bench ad, delivers that opportunity.

A call to action to scan a QR Code in printed media engages the user with a surprise.
The scanned QR Code then opens directly either Facebook or Instagram and prompts the user to find the image, such as the business card.
When the user points their camera to the card, the magic happens!
A 3D model appears and is seen on the card as though its really there... like a toy.
Users can interact with the model too as they rotate the card and watch the model rotate in sync allowing all aspects of the 3D model to be seen.
The ability to touch parts of the model engages the user even further enhancing the experience and making your business more memorable.



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